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Various Tanjore Painting Design Patterns

tanjore painting designs patterns Following the outline Pattern for Tanjore Painting 

1.    Pick amend plan for Tanjore Painting design patterns.

2.    Presently follow the outline utilizing yellow carbon paper on the canvas. Try not to follow the picture in detail. For instance, while following the trimmings simply follow the blueprints as it were. Not in subtle elements of the shapes.

3.    The follow is for just the judgment of the territory of the beautifying regions and states of the figure.

4.    Care ought to be taken at this phase to give an edge break on all the four sides of the board to suit the edge, once the painting is finished.

Sculptural Stage 

1.    By utilizing round/level brush, apply a smooth layer of embellishing gum in the brightening regions. The proportion of emblazoning layer is with Tanjore painting materials are–
Ratio — Arabic Gum: Chalk powder: fevicol — 1:2:1 Leave the Canvas with Emboss push to get for over multi day.

2.    If you need greater decoration for certain zone to rehash the above procedure Tanjore painting materials.

3.    Now check the right places utilizing a pencil/pen to glue the stones and pearls. After the correct affirmation of the area for Stones and pearls, Mix Few drops of fecivol with some water. Stick the stones beginning with greater stones first. Abandon it to get a fix for multi day.
tanjore painting designs patterns
Designing Stage

1.    To get a smooth impact on the sparkling territory of the Tanjore Painting Design Patterns. You have to apply one more layer of embellishing gum over the stones/pearls.

2.    Wait for 60 minutes. Presently pick a bowl of water and cotton. Dunk a bit of cotton in the water and crush it to expel additional water.

3.    Now with the wet cotton, tenderly rub round way on the emblazoned zone.

4.    Keep as a top priority that you have to keep up the tidiness on the painting zone as well.

Ad lib Stage of the Tanjore Painting Designs Patterns

1.    Mark the plan with the assistance of Ball-point pen over decorated region.

tanjore painting materials
2.    In a cone fill a blend which contains Arabic Gum: Chalk powder: fevicol in proportion of — 2:2:1/2 Carefully do cone work in filling region (like side corner/column) with great conventional plan. Additionally, offer limits to the stones and pearls with the assistance of the cone. What's more, given it a chance to dry.

3.    Now cut a gold thwart sheet from the Gold thwart booklet. Place the gold thwart sheet over the plan and stamp an edge impression with your thumb for inexact shape.

4.    Cut the require state of gold thwart by leaving 3 to 4 mm additional on every one of the sizes of the require shape.

   Apply stick (fevicol with water blend) to the posterior of the gold thwart and place over plan region. Remove gold thwart stuck over stones in Thanjavur painting. For this Groove the shape with Safety-stick delicately. Simply apply wet brush in the focal point of stone.

Utilize self-locking pin to expel the mollify wet gold thwart. You can utilize Johnson buds rather than brush. State of the stone can be modify utilizing self-locking pin itself.

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