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A Guide to Tanjore painting

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Tanjore painting was a famous art of ancient India around several hundred of year ago and now in a verse of extinction. Now only a handful of people know about its existence, importance and significance.

The history of Tanjore painting is very old and somewhat untraceable. The first and oldest Tanjore painting which are known are said to be approximately 40,000 years old. The painting is made in the city of Tamilnadu named Thanjavur in India for the first time and it was designed with various precious stones and gold foils. To have a brighter colour and to have a longer life there is a use of oil paints in these Tanjore paintings. This is the reason throughout the ages these painting remain the same.

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There are mainly to types of design in the Tanjore painting which are Chettinad and Mysore designs:

1.    Chettinad Tanjore painting: This type of Tanjore painting is originated in Thanjavur, a city of Tamilnadu, India and lived from almost 1600 A.D. While making these paintings the painter keep in mind to balance thick lines, bold colours, appropriate shapes to draw every line of the painting. Without the question of being out of shape the painter use very appropriate colour for painting.

2.    Mysore Tanjore Paintings: This type of Tanjore painting is originated in Mysore, a city of Karnataka. The specialty of this kind of painting is its delicate lines, intricate brush strokes, graceful delineation of figures which are mainly various gods and goddesses. The use of bright colour of vegetable and lustrous leaf of gold are mainly used to inspire the devotion feeling in the time from 2nd century B.C. to 7th century A.D.
ganesha tanjore painting

Rs 449.0

There are some other types of Tanjore painting are also available which are Basohli, Pichwai, Marble, Miniature, Water colours, Glow paintings, etc which also need our attention.

Tanjore is a type of painting which is very unique and authentic. It is said that it bring a special kind of energy to the house that have it. Now to design various types of precious and semi-precious stones and pure gold foils used in it as ornaments and clothing of the graceful figures i.e. now mostly found Tanjore painting are Hindu mythological gods like lord Shiva, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Sarastwati, Parvathi, Krishna, Radha, Ganesha Tanjore Painting etc. 

As the modern time comes and lots of ancient cultures are being extinct due to lack of attention, this Tanjore painting also suffer some changing. The main things are the same but the material used to make these Tanjore painting is changed according to this modern era.
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